Dear connoisseur of beautiful writing instruments,

We are pleased that you have chosen our Pen of the Year. We trust it will give you many years of writing pleasure.

Each Pen of the Year is distinguished by unusual materials of a very high quality and elaborate craftsmanship down to the last detail: that is what makes it so unique. Yet any pen is subject to a certain degree of wear. That is perfectly normal, but from time to time it needs servicing by a specialist.

As the owner of a Pen of the Year you can register your pen here and take advantage of our exclusive service: once a year you can have it cleaned and checked by our experts, at no charge. Simply send in your pen to the address below. Roughly two weeks after receipt it will be returned to you by post.

Regular servicing ensures that your Pen of the Year retains its value, so that you – and your children and grandchildren, we hope – will continue to derive pleasure from this special edition.

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