Dear connoisseur of fine writing culture,

We are delighted that you have opted for the Pen of the Year. We want to do all we can to make sure you enjoy your writing instrument for a long time to come.
The Pen of the Year is known for its unusual materials of the highest quality and its elaborate hand-crafted details, both of which make it so unique. Nevertheless, every writing instrument goes through a certain amount of wear and tear. That’s completely normal and will require professional servicing from time to time.
As a Pen of the Year customer, you can register your writing instrument and benefit from our exclusive service: Our specialists will clean and service your writing instrument once a year free of charge. To take advantage of this service, please send your fountain pen to the address below. The work takes around 14 days, after which you will receive your writing instrument in the post.
Regular servicing will help retain the value of your Pen of the Year plunger-type fountain pen and ensure that you and many generations to come will enjoy writing with this edition.